Monday, September 26, 2016

Baby J #2: First Trimester Bumpdate!

How Far Along? 13.... first trimester is done! Hard to believe! 

Size of Baby: Currently the size of a peach!
Gender: Not sure.... but I feel like I am having a boy this time!

Weight Gain: + 3 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Not much as far as maternity clothes go yet! Most everything still fits at this point! 

Nursery: Waiting a little bit on the gender to figure out the whole nursery business!

Movement: Not yet, I can't wait though!

Symptoms: It is amazing to me how different this pregnancy has been than my last so far! I  have had some nausea but it has been mostly at night and just makes me want to go to bed early. I haven't gotten sick at all which is nice but the nausea sticks around for a longer time! Other than that I'd say my only symptom is being super tired!
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good at night.... but am exhausted all day. Chasing around a toddler and being pregnant is no joke!

Cravings: No major cravings so far... but just the strong desire to buy random things at the grocery store. If it sounds good, I want it!

What I Miss: Nothing yet!

Best Moment This Trimester: I found out about this pregnancy one day before going on vacation. When I was late I took a few tests and they kept coming up negative. I was taking one last test before going on vacation and was going to have my Dr order a blood test if it was negative but it was POSITIVE! I kept it a secret from Eliot that night, whipped up a big sister shirt for Siena, and put it on her when we arrived at our hotel in California! It was so much fun to surprise Eliot even if I couldn't stop laughing!

Looking Forward To: Meeting our babe! 

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