Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Siena Marie: One!

Since Siena just turned 15 months, err actually is about to turn 16 months, I think it's about time we get her 12 month update up #momfail

this month:
This month you started walking! About a week before your birthday you started to take a few steps here and there and then on your birthday you just started walking! It almost seemed like it came out of nowhere but you were so proud!

You've become a good little sleeper this month....Before bed we read you a book, give you a baba, turn on your sound machine, and you just lay down and go to sleep!

We went to Austin and San Antonio this month! We went to a wedding and you rode in Willy Nelson's old tour bus, pretty impressive for an 11 month old!

We celebrated Thanksgiving this month and you loved getting to try all the yummy food and spending time with family!

Also, most importantly we celebrated your BIRTHDAY! We had it at an indoor play space in town and had a Winter Onderland theme! It was a blast! 

21.5 lbs
28.5 in

You are wearing 12 month and some 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers! 

You are still sleeping pretty well which is great! You usually sleep from about 7:30-6:30/7 and take a morning and afternoon nap. 

You drink about four-five 6 oz bottles of formula a day, eat three meals, and one snack. You are a really good eater! We have started to wean you off formula and onto whole milk and you are doing pretty well.

You are such a happy girl that there is soooo many things you like. 
Mama is at the top of the list, you love Dada too of course, but there isn't much that can't be fixed in your world like a hug from Mama. 

You love people..... no matter where we are you are always waving and saying "HIII" to passerby! 

You love doggies.... especially our dog and your dog cousins! 

You still love to climb and do things that are a little scary! 

You love to ask for "mo" and watch "melmo" Whenever we figure out what you are saying you clap your hands and get so excited! 

There is not much you do not like.... you are a pretty happy baby! The only think I can think of is being contained.

You finally got your top tooth, and the other one looks like it is going to cut soon.

You started to walk!

We started to transition you off formula.

You are trying to say more and more words.

You can sign the words "more" while saying "mo" and "all done."

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