Friday, January 15, 2016

To My Baby On Her First Birthday....

Because of Christmas craziness... I never got Siena's birthday/12 month update posts up, so pretend it is December 9th when you read this.... :)!

To my sweet, spunky, smart, sassy Siena,

Today you are ONE! This year has been a whirlwind and gone way too fast and because of that I am a mess of emotion today. They say that nothing prepares you for motherhood and I think that is the truth.  No one can explain the all consuming and overwhelming love you feel when you become someones Mama. I was sooo nervous the first few days we had you home, but we quickly found our groove and had an amazing year. 

I have watched you learn SO much this year and have felt so happy for you every time you reached a new goal. You work SO hard. You smiled, you giggled, you rolled, you crawled, you learned to stand, and then you took your hesitant first steps. Every milestone you hit left me feeling bittersweet. I was so excited to watch you learn new things right before my eyes but sad that you were growing so quickly! You surprise Daddy and I every single day showing us something we didn't even know you knew! 

You were born during the snowiest winter we have EVER had.... so we spent a lot of your first days bundled up inside or walking the mall. We made some new friends and I am so thankful for the mama and baby friends we have met this past year.  We were SO happy when spring and summer came and spent so many sunny days outside or at the beach. You loved every minute.  

There are so many things that I never want to forget about from when you were a little baby, like how your eyes twinkled and you stuck out your tongue at me when I first laid eyes on you, or how when you first learned to laugh out loud we would say "pumpkin pie!" to get you to giggle, or that you never stop moving until you asleep (seriously), or how since you were a tiny baby you stick out your bottom lip when you are sad or about to cry. You put every single thing in your mouth when given the have an insatiable curiosity and I love that. You are a bit of a wild one and will try anything. While it has given me anxiety more than once this year, I hope this never changes,

You are growing and thriving everyday. I love your silly and sweet personality. I hope you never lose your adventurous and fearless spirit, even if it makes my heart skip a beat on a daily basis. I love you more than I can describe in words and I can't wait to see what your second year has in store for us! 


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  1. I love her dress! But her shoes are even more adorable. Happy belated birthday Siena!