Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Momfessional Moments!

I am linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday and today is about Momfessional Moments! 

Some things I must confess
1. Bribing is an effective parenting tool... even with a 1 year old! I have to confess that I let the baby touch, chew on, and play with lots of "illegals" while trying to wrangle her to change her diaper. Diaper cream, her toothbrush, my lipgloss whatever she's usually not allowed to have! She is so wiggly that this is a must. 

2. Screen time is too. Sometimes you just have to let the littles watch a little Disney Jr.  Mickey and the hot dog song are sometimes the only way I can get anything done! 
3. When my husband is home I spend way longer in the shower than I need to! A momma needs her alone time! 

4.  Siena get her first donut the other day... mostly because I wanted some!

5. My daughter has a more stylish shoe collection than I do... I just can't not buy them! 

6. My 1 year old know how to activate Siri on my phone... I think that's a bad sign. 

7. Some days I have it all together, most days I  do not.... But we are all in this crazy, messy,beautiful parenting adventure and doing the best we can! And that is enough! 

What are your momfessional confessions? 


  1. found your blog today

  2. The shower one? Yesss. It's like a mini vacation :)

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