Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Linking up with Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!

1. Snow days are my favorite! Not really but like everything else having a baby in the mix really makes a lot of things more fun! We woke up to a surprising 5 inches of snow on Monday morning and I couldn't wait to bring little miss outside! It was her favorite at first until she went into it face first! I can't even take how cute her snowsuit is though!

2. Kidizen is my favorite! Do you guys have this app? It is basically like an online consignment sale with kids stuff! It makes it so easy to sell your kiddos clothes/buy more! They have clothes, shoes, toys, and books. Here is the stuff I have listed right now! Look up Dixie Bell Designs to find me and let me know how to find you! 

3. Baking is my favorite! This week I made a banana bread and attempted to make macarons. I failed miserably at the macarons but the banana bread was good! 

4. Play dates are my favorite! This week we met up with some of our favorite mama and baby buddies that we haven't seen since before Christmas. It is so nice to have friends who you can literally discuss ANYTHING with! 

5. Weekends are my favorite! I hoping for a weekend with a good mix of productivity and laziness... And hopefully a win for the Pats on Sunday!! 

what are your favorites this week?? 

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