Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Wrap Up!

Now that we are back to regularly scheduled life... I finally have some time to write about our Christmas and New Years! This year was amazing,Christmas is so much fun with babies around, there is just no denying it!

Our celebrating started on Christmas Eve when Eliot's parents and brother arrived to spend the night at our house. We had a dinner of cheese and chocolate fondue, listened to Christmas tunes, and read the Polar Express. After all that fun, we headed over to my uncle/aunt's house for my uncle's annual birthday/Christmas eve party. It is always very loud and very fun! Siena stayed up way too late and we got back to our house around 10:30!

We put her to bed and got our Santa Claus on! We were determined to set up her Little Tykes Cozy Coupe... but didn't anticipate it would be so difficult! Yikes.. lesson learned: START EARLIER!

pretty sure the directions don't say to do this...

We woke up pretty early on Christmas morning and opened gifts. Siena was semi into it. She loved all the toys but was still not too interested in the opening part! It was fun to hear her little squeals at all the toys she liked! 
we did it!

loving her new car!

grandpa & bed head

trying on uncle primo's hat! she really does have fomo!

On Christmas afternoon we headed over to my parent's house to celebrate with my extended family! There was gift exchanging, playing with cousins, a yankee swap, lots of laughs, and lots of eating of course! The best part of our Christmas night party is that EVERYONE wears pjs. 

cousins in matching pj's... love these girls! 

my sister, niece, and I in our matching pjs!

it's so fun to have cousins 6 months apart!

2014... I'd say they grown a bit this year! 

We got to spend lots of time between Christmas and New Years with our family and friends and we had so much fun not having to follow our regular daily routine!

playing with cousin Courtney!

New Year's Eve was pretty low key, we headed out to our town's New Year's Eve Celebration then went out to dinner. We came home to watch the ball drop on tv and were in bed by 12:15, a wild time I tell ya!

We headed to Maine for the weekend to celebrate Eliot's dad's 65th birthday. Little Miss came down with a fever and a whole body rash while we were away but she rallied the best she could and we had a good time!

Now it's back to cleaning up the Christmas directions, back to daycare for the babe, and back to work for me! Waaaahhhhhhhh. 


  1. Elley got a cozy coupe too! Although it was a birthday present from my inlaws. We've yet to set it up though and it's still in a box on our driveway. Maybe once it's warmer??

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