Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Siena Marie: 11 Months!

I need to get this 11 month update up fast because my baby is about to turn 1 next week!
(....but we aren't going to talk about that yet. tears.)
this month:
This month you started cruising the furniture! You are really confident when walking and holding on to things, but still fall pretty quickly if you let go! We are constantly following you around the house because you are ON THE GO! 

You have gotten better about going into your crib for naps and bedtime without much crying... which we are VERY thankful for!

We celebrated Halloween and you thought that was a lot of fun! You dressed up as a little piggy and you looked so cute in your costume and didn't mind it much either! You weren't even scared of other people in costumes either! 

21 lbs ish
28 in ish

I feel like you have grown alot this month! You are officially wearing 12 month and some 12-18 month clothes. Still wearing those size 3 diapers! 

You are still sleeping pretty well which is great! You usually sleep from about 7:30-6:30 and take a morning and afternoon nap. 

You drink about four-five 6 oz bottles of formula a day and eat three meals. Also, sometimes a snack.  You love pasta, waffles, broccoli, toast, carrots, and cheese. You are a really good eater! 

You love to share food with us or pretend to give food to us and then take it away at the last second and put it into your own mouth. Little trickster. 

This month you have discovered the stairs and you LOVE to climb them. Actually you love to try to climb under or over lots of things.

You also like characters, music, dancing, emptying things, and balloons. You make the funniest little grunting noise when you see something that you like! 

The only thing you reaaally dislike this month is diaper changes because staying still for that long is hard! 

You got another two bringing the total to a whopping 2!
Cruising between furniture and around rooms!

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