Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Siena Marie: 10 Months!

this month:
It blows my mind that you are already 10 months old!

You love pulling your self up on things now and are getting so good at it/more confident when you stand!

We had a little trouble with you in your crib this month because as soon as we put you in you would stand right up.... you quickly learned how to sit back down but you would NOT lay down.

We are enjoying the Fall and getting into a more structured routine. You are going to daycare 3 days a week and love going and seeing your little buddies! 

This month we have visited a pumpkin patch, gone to a college soccer game for cousin Conor, and had some overall good Fall fun!

20 lbs ish
27.5 in ish

You are wearing a lot of 12 month clothes and it breaks my heart a little. You are just growing up so fast already. Your 9 month clothes are starting to be a little short in length. Still rockin' the size 3 diapers. 

You have been rocking in the sleep department this month. You have slept through the night for most of the month and even when you wake up you usually just find a new position and go back to sleep. It's amazing. 

Towards the end of the month you fell off the good sleeping track and were very clingy and hard to put down. I think I'd chalk that up to teething and separation anxiety though. 

You have still been napping pretty well! In the morning you usually sleep for 1-2 hours and the same for the afternoon.

You are mostly having formula now. You drink about four-five 6 oz bottles a day.

You eat three meals per day and usually a snack. At this point we pretty much feed you whatever we are having! You love pasta, broccoli, toast, carrots, and cheese (a woman after my own heart)! You are a really good eater! 

You continue to be quite the little explorer. It is hard to get anything done because you are into EVERYTHING! You got your first boo-boo this month because you got into a fight with a baby gate and the gate won!

You love to be out and about and riding in your stroller smiling and waving at whoever we pass by! 

You still love to clap and wave! 

You have started dancing this month and it is so cute! 

This month I'd say you don't like sleeping by yourself, teething, or being still!!

Your first tooth finally popped the day you turned 10 months!
Can sign "more" at 10 months, but seem to have no idea what it means!
Cruising between furniture at 10 months!
Give kisses at 10 months!

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