Saturday, September 12, 2015

Siena Marie: 9 Months!

this month:
Oh it has been such a fun month with you little munchkin.

You are an awesome crawler now and you are fast!! It's hard to catch up with you and we've had to baby proof the house fast!

At your 9 month appointment (the day before your 9 month birthday) the doctor asked if you were pulling yourself up yet. I said you weren't but were crawling fast and furiously. The doc said you may walk late since you are such a good crawler... Well you must have overheard our conversation and not liked that idea because later the same day you started pulling to a stand on things! 

We went on a little getaway to New Hampshire with our cousins. We went swimming, shopping, and to a little amusement park. You love your cousins a lot and had a blast playing with them!

We celebrated Labor Day which is a fun day in our family because we have a big lobster/clambake! It was a great day!

We have had our last few days on the boat and at the beach for the year and are a little sad that summer is pretty much over!

19 lbs 10 oz (75%ile)
27 in (27%ile)

your three week doctors visit vs your nine month

You wear mostly 6-12 months or 9 month clothes still. We're still living in swimsuits and dresses though since it's been so nice out! :) You are in size 3 diapers.

Your sleep is kind of all over the place. Some nights you sleep great and some nights not so much! I don't think you like sleeping when it's hot out. 

You have still been napping pretty well though! We can put you down for naps awake and you put yourself to sleep. In the morning you usually sleep for 1-2 hours and the same for the afternoon.

You are mostly having formula now. You drink about four 6 oz bottles a day and sometimes breastfeed at night or when you wake up. 

You eat three meals per day now and usually a snack. You are on mostly all finger foods except for yogurt or applesauce obviously. We have been giving you waffles, toast, eggs and/or fruit for breakfast and most of the time some veggies for dinner or a little bit of what we are having. You have had pasta, beans, and most vegetables! Puffs and Cheerios are two of your favorite snacks!


You love exploring! You crawl over the house and check out everything you can find! It is so funny but we have to be so careful that you don't pick up anything you are not supposed to!  You are always on the go!


You love to clap and wave! 

You love your Mama! You like to have your eyes on me at all times. 

You love toy stores and stuffed animals. You get SO excited when we bring you to a store and show you the toys! 

Being still, teething, green veggies, and the heat.

Clapping and waving at 8.5 months.
Crawling on all fours 8.5 months.
Pulling self up at 9 months!

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