Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Siena Marie: 8 Months!


this month:
 You learned to crawl this month, or army crawl at least (at 7.5 months)! You may not be super efficient at it yet but you get where you want to go with the cutest little grunts and groans along the way! 
You have also become a better sitter. When you are motivated to sit up you can do so for a long time. Sometimes I think you fall over on purpose though because you know you can move more when you are lying down.

We went on uncle Jimmy's whale watch boat for the first time this month! It was for a fire works cruise not a whale watch but you did great. You had lots of fun!

We also took you camping for the first time this month. We stayed in a cabin instead of a tent though. You loved watching the campfire, swimming in the pool, and taking walks around the campground looking up at the trees. You really love watching leaves blow in the trees!

18 lbs 2 oz
26.5 in

Yo wear mostly 6-12 months or 9 month clothes. Since it is summer though we have been mostly living in bathing suits! :) You are in size 3 diapers.

I don't know what happened to my good little sleeper, but you have not been doing too well lately! You won't go down to sleep in your crib by yourself and you are waking up a lot at night. I think it has been a combination of being really hot out, having a little separation anxiety, having a cold, and teething. I love you but we have been together a little too much at 3 AM lately. You are lucky you are cute! :)

You have still been napping pretty well though! We can put you down for naps awake and you put yourself to sleep. In the morning you usually sleep for 1-2 hours and the same for the afternoon.

You are having about 90% formula now and 10% breastmilk. 
You have about three 6 oz bottles during the day and usually breastfeed once before bed and sometimes also have a 6 oz bottle.

You eat two meals per day now and usually a snack. You are pretty much over the puree business. You want to feed yourself! We have been giving you waffles, toast, and fruit for breakfast and most of the time some veggies for dinner or a little bit of what we are having. You have had pasta, beans, and most vegetables. There isn't much food you don't like right now.... except eggs.You spit those right out! Puffs and Cheerios are two of your favorite snacks!

 You love your big cousin Courtney and other big kids! She can always make you laugh and is one of your favorite babysitters. 

You still like moving. I feel like you don't stop moving until you are sleeping. You move all day long... even when you are going to sleep!

You love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Diggity Dog song. You go CRAZY whenever we put it on!

You also still love mirrors, silly sounds and voices, and dogs!

You do not like green veggies like peas or spinach and you REALLY hate when we leave you alone at bedtime.

Crawling at 7.5 months!
Sitting all the time at 7.5 months!
Saying ma-ma-ma and ba-ba-ba-ba at 7.5 months!
(that was a big week for you!)


  1. Aren't they so fun right now?!?! Although it's a little crazy to think how quickly this year has gone by. And I love the leggings she's wearing in her 8 month photo.

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