Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Siena Marie: 7 Months!

I am a little behind as my little pumpkin actually turned 8 months old a few weeks ago, but here is her 7 month update!

this month:
You are totally a mover this month. You can't crawl yet but you are getting where you want to go most of the time! Whenever I go to get you out of your crib in the morning you are in a totally different position than the one we left you in! The other morning we found you with your head in the opposite direction, laying on your belly, and on the totally opposite side of the crib. I seriously don't even know how you managed to do it! You used to be a good sleeper but that has pretty much gone downhill now that I need to "rescue" you at night and move you back into a normal position.

I am surprised I haven't mentioned it thus far but I have to mention "the lip." I don't know when you started doing it but it seems like you have been doing it since you were born! It is both heart-wrenching and hilarious. It is almost like you are trying not to cry! Whenever you are sad you make the pouty face and stick your bottom lip out. It is the saddest face ever, but sometimes I have to laugh at how cute it is.

We celebrated the 4th of July this month and you loved the parade... except for the loud fire engines. You were not the biggest fan of that part.

Since we are on summer vacation we have been soaking in the outside time! We have gone to the beach a lot and you love it! I think you are going to be a beach baby. You don't even flinch when we dip your feet in the water and you like to take fistfuls of sand and put them in your mouth. Yikes.

We celebrated cousin Winnie's first birthday at a beach party and you went out on your first boat ride on our new boat this month too.

16 lbs
26 in

You can still wear a lot of your 6 months clothes but 6-12 months or 9 months fit you just a little better. Since it is summer though we have been mostly living in bathing suits! :) You are in size 3 diapers.

Sleeping has become a little tough for you lately. We put you down between 7-8 usually but we usually have to rock/feed you to get you to go down. You have pretty consistently been waking up at 3-4 AM and I usually have to feed you even though I am pretty sure your not really hungry and it's just a habit.

You have been napping pretty well though! We can put you down for naps awake and you put yourself to sleep. In the morning you usually sleep for 1-2 hours and the same for the afternoon.

You are having about 50% breast milk and 50% formula now. 
You have about four 6 oz bottles during the day and usually breastfeed once before bed, sometimes I have had to supplement the breastmilk at night because it seems like you have been needing more before bed. 

We have been transitioning to giving you two meals per day so you usually have breakfast and dinner. You still like some pureed fruits and veggies but you do not really like us to feed you with a spoon. You are always trying to grab it away from us or knock it out of our hands. I think we will start some more finger foods this coming month to deal with this little issue. 

You are still a little maniac roller and move all around your room playing with any toy you can get your hands on. It is really funny to watch. I think we might have to find some energy burning activities for you when you get a little bigger!

You have a mirror in your room that you love to look at yourself into. You love "surprises" and when people make silly sounds or voices at you. You still love Juno the Dog and she continues to not know what she thinks of you! 

This month your strongest dislikes are green veggies and whenever we leave you in a room by yourself. Also, Nana bought you a toy that blows up and rolls for you this month and you want nothing to do with it! You are totally scared of it and shake and cry whenever we bring you near it.

You are still rolling A TON! You have started to sit for longer periods of time but still prefer to play while laying down! You are starting to develop a pincher grasp and can pick things up and put them into your mouth. You use both left and right hands but sometimes you pick something up and switch it over to the other hand before you put it in your mouth. 

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