Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Siena Marie: 6 months!

How did this happen?
 Happy 1/2 Birthday to my sweet, sweet girl!
(A few weeks late)

this month:
 You have had a great month! At around 5 months, 1 week you started rolling from your belly to your back! You have never been too much of a tummy time fan so figuring out a way to get out of it left you quite pleased! Within days you were rolling on to your back every time we put you on your belly!

At about 5 months, 3 weeks you started rolling the other way from your back to your belly. The first few times we didn't see you do it and when we turned back around we were like, wait a minute, we didn't leave you like that! Finally we actually saw you do it and it was so exciting! By the time of your six month doctor's appointment you have become a rolling machine! You use it as a mode of transportation. The other day we put you in the middle of the room on a blanket as we got ready and came back to find you under the coffee table! We are IN TROUBLE!

We finally bit the bullet and put you in your own crib in your own room. Overall, you have made the transition pretty well! Except for the fact that you have to start the night with a pillow under your legs because you like to sleep with them up in the air. After you fall asleep we have to go in and sneak it out of your crib! You are mostly sleeping through the night, but wake up occasionally.

Eating is still going well. We have been giving you about 1 meal of pureed food a day and you seem to love it! You try to "help me" put the spoon in your mouth so I have a feeling you don't think I shovel it in fast enough! You love bananas and sweet potatoes the most!

You are one wiggly girl. You can't get very far by yourself yet but I can tell you want to be on the go. You are always moving around when we try to hold you! 

You had your first beach day this month and we have been spending lots of time outside!

We had a cookout with some of your baby friends who were all born right around the same time as you! It was lots of fun!

 16 lbs, 2 oz (50th%ile)
25 1/2 in (40th%ile)

Munchkin, Baby Girl, & See-N

I guess I would call it strawberry blond at this point!

eye color:
 They're blue!

You are wearing mostly 6 months clothes right now and just transitioned to size 3 diapers!

You are {mostly} sleeping through the night! You also have started to sleep in your crib in your own room this past week.
You go down at about 7 and sleep until about 6:30/7. 
You usually nap for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. Sometimes you also take a little 30-45 minutes snooze in the late afternoon too.

You are having about 50% breast milk and 50% formula now. 
You have about four 6 oz bottles during the day and usually breastfeed once before bed.

You eat some pureed fruits or veggies once per day.
This month you tried applesauce, pears, and sweet potatoes and continued to have everything else you already tried. You weren't sure if you liked applesauce but you love pear!

You still love to laugh and giggle. You love to play "peekaboo" or when we tickle you. 
You love to watch Juno the dog run around the house. You like toys that light up and play music. Other than that you still love to use your hands to get things up to your mouth... toys, blankets, other people's hands, pretty much whatever you can grab!  You also like to grab a hold of whatever other people are holding!

You are pretty much a happy and sweet girl! Wherever we go people ask if you are always so good and you really usually are!

The only things you really dislike are being over tired or hungry!

Mama is looking forward to having some days off this summer to spend time with you! The long work commute is making me CRAZY!

You are rolling over both ways! You can sit briefly.... but we make sure to have pillows around you because you topple over pretty often!You can pass toys from one hand to the other and "rake" objects to pick them up. 

To my sweet Siena,

I can't believe you are already six months old! In a way it seems like it was just yesterday that you arrived and in another way I can't imagine how we ever lived without you. You are our biggest joy and add so much happiness to our lives. You have a big personality and love to yell and giggle. I never want to forget how you grab my face with both hands and pull it close to yours to give me "kisses."

You are simply the best baby. You always go with the flow and we can pretty much take you anywhere. Every where we go people ask if you are always so good and I tell them that you usually are. You do get super mad and let us know when you are overtired or hungry but other than that you are such a happy little girl.

You are oh so silly and I hope this never changes. You are a people person and it doesn't take anyone to say much to get you to give them your big gummy smile or laugh! You are always watching what's going on around you and taking the world in! You make friends wherever you go! Maybe I am a little biased, but you are so pretty and one smart cookie too!

I can't wait to see you continue to learn and grow. Although it makes me sad that you are growing so fast, your Daddy always reminds that there are always more things to look forward to. So I'll give you endless kisses, feed you, rock you, and keeping singing "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift to you because although you'll always be my baby, you won't be little for long. 

Love you forever and always,



  1. I love the photo of all the babies on a blanket! We've yet to try either apples or pears. Although I'm a little hesitant to do pears since she's already pooping twice a day, and really don't think it needs to happen more often! Ha!

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