Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Siena Marie- 4 Months!

I have a 4 month old! That is crazy! How can she already be 1/3 of a year old. Time to start planning the 1st birthday party. I'm kidding... kind of!

this month:
Oh, so much good stuff! This month has been so much fun as you keep showing us more and more of your little personality! You found your voice this month and have been ooh-ing and ahh-ing up a storm! It seems like you are constantly making noise and I love it! We celebrated St. Patrick's Day. You went for your first stroller ride like a big girl (i.e. without the carseat attachment) and you looked all around! You celebrated your first Easter and had your first fever/cold! You are a very happy little girl and it is not very hard for us to make you laugh out loud these days which I love so much.

As of your 4-month doctor's visit you are:
13 lbs 13 oz (54th %ile)
24.25 in (48th %ile)

chunky monkey, pumpkin, and peanut
You laugh so hard when I call you chunky monkey!
I think your opinion will change when you are a teenager! :)

Still our lil ginger! I love it.

eye color:

The clothes that fit you best are 3-6 months. The 3 month jammies are getting a little on the small side and 6 month jammies are still too big!

You usually sleep from 7:30/8 until 3/3:30 then wake up at 7/7:30.
You slept through the night about 6 times this month and it was glorious! :)
Your nap schedule is still a little crazy... some days you sleep from 2-3 hours at a time and some days you just cat nap. We haven't transitioned you out of the rock n' play into your crib yet but know we have to do it soon.
this picture kills me

You are still breastfeeding about 75% of the time and having a few bottles of formula the other 25% of the time. You are drinking anywhere from 4-6 oz per feeding and eat about 6-7 times per day. 

This month you love to use your hands to get things up to your mouth... toys, blankets, other people's hands, pretty much whatever you can grab! You still love talking, smiling, and laughing. Your giggle makes me SO happy! You're starting to be more interested in toys, love to play peek-a-boo, and love to lick and bite frozen teething toys.

Let's just say... when you get hungry, you let us know!! :)

Mama is doing good. The transition back to work has gone okay and I am so thankful that I get to be be home with you on Mondays. 

You have become much more coordinated with your hands this month and can pretty much grab whatever you set your mind to. You have started to roll onto your side but have not made it all the way over yet. You head control is getting stronger and stronger and you tolerate tummy time much better than you used to!

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  1. We haven't transitioned you out of the rock n' play into your crib yet but know we have to do it soon.

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