Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Siena Marie- 3 Months!

I can't believe I already have a 3 month old! Time really does fly!

this month:
In your third month, you stayed with a babysitter for the first time while Mama & Daddy went out for their first date night....we missed you the whole time.  You went on your first place ride and vacation to visit Nana & Grampy in Florida. You were a champ on the plane and slept the whole way. You started going to daycare 3 days a week with Miss Sue! You celebrated your first Valentine's Day & lived through the snowiest winter {almost} ever in Boston!

her expression in this picture makes me laugh, it's like really, mom, another picture??

You didn't have a doctor's appointment this month but you are about: 
11 lbs 8 oz
23 in 

Peanut, Babycakes, Pumpkin Pie

Still rocking the strawberry blond and its as thick as ever, but the roots look blond to me so we shall see!

eye color:
Baby blues

Most 3 month outfits fit you perfectly right now although you seem to be getting bigger by the day.

You usually sleep from 7:30/8 until 3/3:30 then wake up at 6:30/7. I really can't complain about that! :)
You take a few naps a day sleeping anywhere from 30-60 minutes. We haven't transitioned you out of the rock n' play into your crib yet but know we have to do it soon.

 It continues to amaze me that babies can grow on an entirely liquid diet. Isn't that just amazing? 
You are still breastfeeding about 80% of the time and having a few bottles of formula the other 20% of the time. You are drinking anywhere from 3-4 oz per feeding and eat about 8 times per day. You take a bottle really well but really prefer to breastfeed when you are with me. 

You love talking this month! Hearing your own voice and mama and daddy's voices make you so excited that you kick your feet and wave your arms like crazy. You love mornings and are so smiley and talkative when you first wake up. Bath time is still one of your faves, as is batting at the toys on your play mat, laying in front of the mirror, laughing, listening to music, and sucking on your fists!

This month you still don't like getting out of the bath. Being overtired makes you pretty mad too. Tummy time is also not your favorite but you are getting better at it every day!

Mama had to go back to work this month and she is not liking it at all. I know it is probably good for both of us but it has been really hard so far. I know it will get easier as the weeks go on but I just miss you so much!

You have grown by leaps and bounds this month and it really seems like you know how to do something new every day. It is so incredible to watch!

This month you have have been cooing and laughing up a storm! You love when people talk to you and you talk right back to them. You also bring your hands together. You usually have them clasped together in front of you when you are eating and it might just be the cutest thing ever. You are rolling over on your sides but haven't made any complete rolls yet.

We love you so much baby girl! It is so fun to watch you learn and grow. 

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  1. I can't believe they are getting so big! I'm quite impressed that you guys managed a plane flight. I've been on way too many flights with screaming babies in my life, and am really hoping my baby isn't too bad on them. Especially since they are a number of plane flights in her future to visit my family in California. Hopefully yours is just as good as yours was!