Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Five!

Oh, hey, it's Friday!

{one} I survived my second week back at work. It is getting a teensy, tiny bit easier but not really. I miss my babe! It already seems like she is growing up so fast! In other news, she slept through the night 3/5 nights this week. Woot woot!

I love this face!

{two} This weekend we have lots of fun plans! We are heading to a big children's consignment sale, going to a pool with cousins that also has a hot tub and bloody mary bar, and visiting the grandparents! It should be a pretty fun weekend!

{three} On Wednesday it finally felt like spring around here! It was SO nice to get outside. It was actually Siena's first outdoor walk (other than when we went to Florida) and she loved out! The fresh air was good for everyone!

{four} With St. Patrick's Day next week I have been scouring Pinterest for recipes to make for dinner. Since Eliot is a vegetarian I obviously can't make corned beef and cabbage (and besides, gross!) Haha!

{five} I've started to think about Siena's Easter Basket for this year! She'll only be 4 months old but I have thought of lots of fun things I can put in her basket! Do you have any ideas I haven't thought of?
She is definitely more interested in toys now and these oballs are so much fun!

A girl can never have too many headbands, right??

A new swim suit is a great idea for her Easter basket because we spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer. Also, I can't resist anything that has pink whales on it!

I think Siena is definitely going to be a blanket girl. She loves soft things near her mouth/face!

I love board book and bonus if they are Easter related!

Who doesn't love new pjs???

 Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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