Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Siena Marie - 2 months!

Siena you are 2 months old!

this month:
You took your first mini-getaway when we went up to New Hampshire for the night with the whole family to see the Ice Castles. The weather was FREEZING but you were a champ! Especially on the way home when the 2 hour trip took us 4 hours because of an ice storm! We went on a playdate to walk the mall with some mamas and babies from our mother's group. We had a blizzard and got over two feet of snow and then another foot a few days later and another foot a few days after that! You got your newborn pictures taken and peed all over the photographer, not once, but twice! It has been another busy month!

As of your 2 month appointment you are: 
10 lbs (th %ile)
 22 inches long (%ile)

Peanut, Babycakes, Pumpkin

Still rocking the strawberry blond and its as thick as ever!

eye color:
They are getting much bluer than last month!

You are solidly wearing 0-3 month outfits. A few newborns fit you and some 3 months do too!

You usually sleep from 8:30/9 until 3/3:30 then wake up at 7/7:30. During the day you have haven't been very interested in naps lately and prefer to take very short cat naps throughout the day rather than longer naps. I can't complain with only one wake up at night most nights though!

Eating is still one of your favorite activities. You transition back and forth between breastfeeding and the occasional bottle really easily though which is nice. You went through a growth spurt for a few days when all you wanted to do was eat or cry! Luckily that passed quickly. You still want to eat about every 2 1/2 hours during the day but I think it is because you sleep for longer stretches at night.

Some of your favorite things to do this month are SMILING, taking baths (except when it comes to getting out), trying to suck your thumb, looking at lights and other brights things, and playing on your activity mat! You like to be on the move and are always moving your arms and legs!

You still don't like being hungry or gassy! You also don't like getting into your car seat or out of the bath!

I am doing great! I had my 6 week postpartum visit and everything looked good. I am excited to be cleared to start working out again. My maternity leave ends in 3 weeks and I am so not looking forward to that. I know it is going to be really, really hard for me, but hopefully it will get better in time!

You learned to smile this month! Your first smile was on 1/17/14 and now you smile at us all the time. It is the cutest! You also have started to make a lot more noise and I think you have even laughed a few times.

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  1. Our daughter does the whole light staring thing too! My husband's even tried staring contests to see who can stare at it longer, and she wins each time! Ha! I actually asked the dr about it, but it's a normal thing since their vision isn't as strong as ours. But still... kind of crazy!