Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Siena Marie {Birth Story, Part 2}

When I woke up in the morning around 5, I was still having contractions. They were getting more intense and closer together. I tried to eat a little toast with peanut butter in between contractions because I knew it could be a long time before I ate again. The contractions were not letting up and were 5 minutes apart for an hour so Eliot and I decided it was time to head to the hospital.

We got there around 7 AM. We filled out all the paperwork and I found out that my doctor was on call until 9 that night. I was excited to hear that because I LOVE my doctor. She is the best and is so easy to talk to. She is a younger doctor, probably only a few years older than me, but doesn't sit in front of a computer when she is talking to you or make you feel like she is in a rush. I seriously just love her! I got checked into a labor & delivery room, only to get moved a few minutes later because my aunt works in labor & delivery and wanted me to have a bigger room (thanks, auntie!)
My doc came in a few minutes later to check me out. I was 3 cm dilated and given that I had been having some blood pressure issues she decided that it sounded like 39 weeks was a great time to have a baby and I'd be staying no matter what. I changed into a johnny and my water started to break. My nurse gave me a super sexy huge pad to wear and asked me to not throw it away when I felt a gush (so gross) because they wanted to check for meconium. The water breaking felt terrible....I couldn't sit still because I felt like I had to go pee although it was really the pressure of my water and the baby. I had no clue there was that much water up there. I had like 3 or 4 gushes and then later in the day my doc broke another bag somehow. The water did have some meconium in it and they explained that the baby would have to have a little extra check right after birth to make sure she didn't ingest any.

I was slowly progressing and dealt with the pain by breathing, using the birthing ball, and walking around the room until about 1 o'clock. My dr checked in on me again at this point me I was about 5 cm. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I said yes! This is also pretty much the point where things went downhill... 

The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural. I was initially scared to get it but the dr was cute and put me at ease! It worked right away and felt amazing to no longer feel the pain! 

I got the shakes really bad after the epidural was in and it was a weird sensation because I wasn't cold at all but my body wouldn't stop moving. My blood pressure started to rise at this point too. They put an oxygen mask on me and tried to get me to calm down. The nurses and Eliot kept telling me to "go to the beach" and when I shut my eyes and visualized that it would really work for a few minutes. So weird. 

After the epidural I basically stopped progressing. At this point they started me on pitocin. They encouraged me to try to rest but it was pretty impossible. 

My blood pressure was still high and the baby's heart rate was okay but was not varying which was worrying them a bit. They kept having me change position and did an estim test on the baby. My sister, mom, and mom-in-law were in the room and I asked if they could all leave because I couldn't calm down with them there. Eliot stayed with me obviously. After they has left my blood pressure went down 50 points in 5 minutes! Do you think they were stressing me out much? 

The hours throughout the evening are kind of a blur. The baby was fine but my blood pressure still was higher than they'd like. I developed a fever and they had to give me a tylenol suppository... Pretty happy I couldn't feel that! They were worried about the baby getting a fever from me.

My doctor's shift ended.... Booooo :( The next doctor was a man I hadn't met at the practice but was pretty nice! He checked me out for a few hours and I was still really getting nowhere.

I was exhausted at this point. The doctor came on at 11:30 pm and said, "I think it's time to call it." Since I was getting nowhere for so long he recommended a c-section. I was super nervous but was also really exhausted at this point.

Eliot got suited up, I got an increase in my epidural and we were on our way to surgery. I told the nurses as they wheeled me down that I felt like I was going to pass out or throw up and they said, "we think your just hyperventilating!" Ok.... Then the doctor told me they would talk to me the whole time and I told them not to talk too much! 

Finally, at12:09 AM, Siena Marie came into the world! I remember them announcing that she was 8 lbs 2 oz and had a head full of red hair. I was so surprised she was that big and we have no idea where the red hair came from! 

Unfortunately, little miss did ingest some meconium and develop my fever so they were checking her out in the corner of the room as they stitched me up for what seemed like FOREVER. Finally they brought her over and held her near my head and I'll never forget her little eyes twinkling and looking all around at me and sticking her toungue out. She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen!

Unfortunately due to the fever and high blood sugar little miss had to stay in the special care nursery for 48 hours. Longest 48 hours of our life but luckily Eliot and I could go down there to spend as much time as we wanted with her and for her feedings. Luckily all her issues were pretty easy to clear up and we have a very healthy baby girl. The special care nurses are so amazing and I can't imagine how parents must feel when their babies are in there for days or even months. 

So clearly my labor didn't go as planned. Obviously if I had it my way this is not how things would have went down but it was worth every second because it still brought us to the end result of a beautiful baby girl! That is what really matters! 

We love you so much baby!! 

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