Thursday, December 4, 2014

38 Weeks! Bumpdate!

How Far Along? 38 Weeks... I feel like a ticking time bomb right about now. 

Size of Baby: A pumpkin!! Holy moly!

Gender: Still a girl

Weight Gain: around +23 lbs

Maternity Clothes:I have a few maternity outfits that I can get away with for work and then as soon as I get home it's pajamas all the way!

Nursery: I'd say it's done! Although there are a few more things I'd like to get if we have time!

Movement: Yup, I'm still feeling her move around... sometimes I can't figure out if it's braxton hicks contractions or just random kicks.

Symptoms: Let's see... my appointment today was pretty eventful. My blood pressure was a little high, I had a little protein in my urine, and my feet were a little puffy, so the doc sent me over to labor & delivery for a preclampsia screen and a non-stress test. They talked about the possibility of bed rest or modified bed rest but decided after the test that I can keep up with all my regular activities. All ended up fine with both me and the baby so I was sent on my way. Although the thought of bed rest was anxiety producing because of thinking of all I still want to get done the prospect of being done with work was appealing! On top of all of that I came down with a cold this week! Ugh!
Sleep: I haven't been sleeping well this week.

Cravings: Still cereal!

What I Miss: Same as last week, I miss being able to walk without being in pain... it is just getting real uncomfortable!

Best Moment This Week: My bags are packed and we got the car seat inspection done! I feel like most of what we really need to get done is done, although I could work on getting my christmas shopping done!!

Looking Forward To: Meeting our babe! We are feeling ready!

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