Monday, November 24, 2014

Our Baby Shower!

A few Sundays ago my mom, sister, niece, and a couple of my cousins worked together to host a baby shower for Baby J and I!

They had the shower at a local hall and got it catered by a few different places! They did a really great job with all of the food and decorations. We played games, ate, and opened presents and it was a great time. 

The morning of the shower we woke up to find out it was SNOWING out... on November 2nd! You gotta love New England, I guess! It took us a little longer to get there but everyone still made it which was awesome!

Are you ready for picture overload? 

Some pretty cousins!

Baby Sammy and I (aka Baby J's 2nd cousin!)

Friends since high school!

My mother-in-law on the right and some of Eliot's aunts!

My cousin Kristie, me, and baby Winnie who is Baby J's closest 2nd cousin in age- They'll only be 6 months apart!


My sister and niece made this cute diaper cake!

My mother-in-law ordered this cake and I was in love with it and didn't want it to cut the whales!

I have a lot of girl cousins in my family and they came up with the cutest idea for the shower! They were each assigned a holiday and gave baby J an outfit for every holiday of the year! They then hung them up as part of the decor! It was so so so cute and I love all the festive outfits that baby J has in her closet. Can't wait for her to start getting to wear them!

One of my faves is the Thanksgiving one! The hat and tutu are too cute.  I also love the Valentine's Day outfit and the first birthday one too. Okay... I really love them all!! I think it was such a cute idea!

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