Friday, November 28, 2014

Bumpdate! 37 Weeks! Full term, woo hoo!

How Far Along? 37 Weeks aka FULL TERM!! I really can't believe it!

{will edit to add picture later!}

Size of Baby: A winter melon... I have officially never heard of that but it sounds big!

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: +22 lbs as of my appointment today.

Maternity Clothes: Clothes aren't comfortable. Except leggings. Long live leggings, haha!

Nursery: It really looks like a room now! We ordered a rocker that should arrive any day now and once that is in there it is practically complete!

Movement: Squirms and rolls and pressure on body parts that are really uncomfortable!

Symptoms:  Okay... I can officially barely walk, roll over in bed, or get out of bed for that matter. My pelvis and everything else down there is in so much pain. I am going to ask about it today! As of my last appointment my cervix was starting to thin out but was still closed!
Sleep: Uncomfortable...that's all.

Cravings: Nothing specific

What I Miss: Being able to walk without being in pain... it is just getting real uncomfortable!

Best Moment This Week: Officially reaching full term! 

Looking Forward To: Meeting our babe and also Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

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