Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bumpdate! 34 Weeks!

How Far Along? 34 Weeks... holy moly.  

Size of Baby: Butternut Squash

Gender: BABY GIRL!

Weight Gain: +18 lbs as of my drs appointment yesterday. I literally feel like I need to propel myself off of chairs and my bed now. Ugh.

Maternity Clothes: Yes... my clothing options are getting pretty limited!

Nursery: I had my baby shower yesterday and we got lots of great stuff! We put a bunch of it together last night and it left me exhausted... but I loved it! So exciting and surreal to have baby stuff in the house!

Movement:Yes... although it is less jabby now and more rolly if that makes sense to anyone. I guess she is running out of room? I also felt hiccups the other day which was so strange! 

Symptoms:  Just feeling LARGE and starting to be uncomfortable. I literally have to pee ALL THE TIME and need momentum to get up out of chairs or bend over!

Sleep: Some nights it is SO good and some nights NOT SO MUCH!

Cravings:  Sweets... the cake at my shower was delish! 

What I Miss:  Being able to go go go without feeling so run down. I literally try to do 85 things at once all the time and I know that at this point I need to try to work on relaxing a little.   

Best Moment This Week: My baby shower! I am putting together a full post about it and I can't wait to share.   

Looking Forward To: I am just getting really excited about meeting our baby girl and the holiday season!

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