Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bumpdate! 32 Weeks!

How Far Along? 32 Weeks.... 8 weeks to go, people! I really can't believe it! 

Size of Baby: A squash or TWO heads of cauliflower... woah.

Gender: GIRL!

Weight Gain:  Around +15 lb, but I have an appointment on Wednesday so I will know officially then! 

Maternity Clothes: I am still pretty much mixing and matching. A lot of my shirts are getting too short, but some are still long enough. As soon as I get home from work these days I am SO excited to change out of my work clothes and into yoga or sweat pants!

Nursery: It is definitely coming along. I am so thankful that my Dad came over this weekend to help us do a few projects. He installed some shelves and an extra bar in her closet and added a dimmer switch to her over head light. Dads are the best!

Movement: YES! Lately whenever she moves I can literally see my belly move and it is the coolest and craziest thing ever! I have been getting anxious literally every morning though waiting to feel her first movements of the day.

Symptoms: Lots of crazy movements by the babe and being SO hungry! I get super hungry, NEED FOOD IMMEDIATELY, and then get full in about 2 minutes. It's crazy. 

Sleep: Sleep has been okay... I get up to go the bathroom so many times every night and toss and turn a lot because of being uncomfortable, but it is not too bad. 

Cravings: Any type of cold drink, especially Gatorade. I could literally drink all day. 

What I Miss: Nothing really!

Best Moment This Week: Getting a ton of house cleaning and nursery projects done this week. I think I am in nesting mode! :)

Looking Forward To: My baby shower that is coming up soon, taking birthing classes in a few weeks, and hosting a Halloween party this weekend! We have a lot going on!

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