Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bumpdate! 29 Weeks!

How Far Along? 29 Weeks!

Size of Baby: An acorn squash... I feel like I can feel her getting bigger this week! It is weird but her kicks are getting stronger and my urge to pee constantly is getting stronger too! Haha
Gender: GIRL!

Weight Gain:  +14 as of my appt last week

Maternity Clothes: Still mixing it up!

Nursery: It is definitely time to get going on it!

Movement: I have felt some really strong kicks/rolls/punches this week. When I lay on my side she usually starts moving right away and it's fun to let Eliot and my family feel her!

Symptoms: I went back for my 3 hr glucola test this week. It was pretty miserable...I drank the orange 100 g glucose drink (blech), got pricked in the arm 5 times (4 of those in the same spot, apparently, I don't have veins), and sat there for 3 hours (boring)! I had myself pretty convinced that I would fail because I felt relatively normal throughout the whole thing. 

I followed it up with a pedicure because I was feeling pretty bummed about it and I can't reach my feet! The next morning we were off to Indiana for the weekend and the Dr.'s office called me to say I passed!!! Woo hoo! I was so happy and a little surprised to hear that! So....for anyone who gets called back to retest, try not to worry!

In other news, like I said the baby just FEELS a lot bigger this week. Like the pokes and prods feel more jabby sometimes and I just feel pain in my stomach when I overdo things. Time to slow down a little I guess!

Sleep: For the most part it's not bad! 

Cravings: Nothing much!

What I Miss: We went to a wedding this past weekend and although I was fine not drinking, it was still a little strange! 

Best Moment This Week: Our trip to Indiana for Eliot's cousin's wedding and a family reunion! We had a blast! His aunts also threw me a little baby shower which was so sweet. We got some adorable stuff! So grateful! 

Looking Forward To:  October... I love this month and all things pumpkin!!

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