Friday, September 5, 2014

August Goal Update/September To Do's!

Now that we are already 5 days into September... yikes, let's take a look back at my August goals and see how I did! 

August To Do's:
1. Buy a Groupon to transfer our old VHS home videos to DVD ones. Done! I haven't gotten them back in the mail yet, but I think it was a well spent $35. Can't wait to see them! 

2.  Paint the nursery. The first coat is up so I am calling this a win! Now if we could only stay home long enough to paint the second coat.... 

3. Give my blog a makeover. FAIL. 

4. Plan for the upcoming school year. I've been back to work for 6 days and it is going well! 

5. Make some freezer meals. I made some frozen pb&j's which surprisingly are the perfect taste and temperature by lunch time and some smoothie bags. Definitely makes my life easier in the mornings!

6. Spend some quality time with the hubby. Mission accomplished! 

7. Walk atleast 20 miles. I don't know exactly how far I walked but I think we walked atleast 20 miles in Quebec alone! 

6/7... Not too bad if I do say so myself!

September To Do's:
1. Give my blog a makeover! I really wanna do this! 

2. Find a dresser and a glider for the nursery! Now, where can I get a decent glider that is not 3 million dollars???

3. Register! I'm excited to do this one!

4. Walk atleast 25 miles. 

5. Celebrate Eliot's 30th Birthday! I can't believe he is turning 30. 

6. Complete a few nursery crafts. I have a few ideas that I really want to start working on! 

7. Organize our basement. Not fun, not fun at all. 

Wish me luck! 
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