Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bumpdate! 21 Weeks!

How Far Along? 21 Weeks

Size of Baby:  The length of a carrot? I am sorry but these fruit/vegetable references are wacky.

Gender: Still a GIRL! I had an ultrasound this week and asked if they could make sure that it was "still a girl" and they assured me it is! Haha

Weight Gain: +8 lbs.. think I am starting to pop.

Maternity Clothes: A little of both!

Nursery: I think we settled on the colors mint, pink, and gold.

Movement: I usually feel her a few times a day... and it is definitely starting to be more strong! 

Symptoms: I have cried twice this week over the DUMBEST things and my feet have been killing me if I walk a lot!

Sleep: Not too bad other than peeing 80 billion times a night. 

Cravings: Everyone keeps asking me if I've had any "weird cravings" and while I haven't wanted anything too wacky, I keep finding myself gravitating things I never really felt the need to have before. For example, today it was a green smoothie with spinach, what?!? 

What I Miss: Margaritas on hot summer nights, but not too much! 

Best Moment This Week:  Getting to see baby girl on the ultrasound again and also how much Eliot loves to see her on the ultrasound and tries to feel her in my belly every night. It just warms my heart that he loves her much already! And frustrates him because he can't feel her yet! 

Looking Forward To: Our little anniversary/baby moon trip next week! 

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