Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bumpdate! 19 Weeks!

How Far Along? 19 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Mango

Gender: Baby Girl!

Weight Gain: Still around +6 lbs!

Maternity Clothes: Definitely rocking the maternity pants when I am not wearing yoga pants!
Nursery: I am so anxious to get it started!

Movement: Flutters... Eliot is so cute, he wants to feel the babe so bad, but we haven't been able to feel anything on the outside yet.

Symptoms: The skin under my wedding rings keeps getting irritated and itchy... so rings are off for right now!

Sleep: I have been sleeping okay, but not great. I've been waking up with lots of back and hip pain! 

Cravings: Still with the carbs, yummm bagels!!

What I Miss: Greek salad on a hot summer night! 

Best Moment This Week:  Shopping for the baby, duh!

Looking Forward To: Registering soon!

I made a video of our gender reveal party. You can see it here:

 photo PicMonkeyCollage2.png

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