Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Survey!

 I am...Stace. A wife, daughter, sister, friend, and ugh, almost 31 yr old!

I want...the next hour to go by so it will be the weekend!!

I have...a busy night ahead getting ready for our Kentucky Derby Party tomorrow!

I wish... it was summer vacation already. I love the kiddos I work with but it is exhausting this time of year! 
I hate...disorganization and rude people!
I fear...the unknown. I'm just a planner at heart, I can't help it! 
I hear... students walking through the school halls.
I search...on Pinterest way too much?? What did I do before it existed?

I wonder...what the next year of my life will bring! :)

I regret...nothing, seriously.

I hubby and my fam. Vacationing. Iced Coffee. AND summer!
I my lower back today, ugh! 
I always...brush my teeth in the shower. I know, I know weird and kinda disgusting habit!
I pretty quiet, but I just like to listen to other people's stories rather than tell my own!
I am not... as "put together" as I appear.

I dance...when I have had enough to drink! :)

I sing...loud and proud in the car!

I never... want to live too far from the ocean. No seriously, I just can't.

I sometimes..wish I could go back in time, but other times I don't. 
I cry...all the time. I don't know why... I just always have. 
I am not always...on time! I try to be but it is just so hard!
I phone. All. The. Time. 
I am confused... about the fact that it still mostly feels like winter and it is May!

I afternoon after work iced coffee!

I finishing up my actual work! 

Happy Friday, y'all!!

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