Friday, April 25, 2014

Fab Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! 

We're back from our trip to Nashville and it was fantastic! I just love that city. 

It is always ready for a good time, clean, and the people have that southern hospitality that we just don't get up here in Boston! Trip post to come soon! 

We are ALMOST moved into our house which is awesome! Thanks to my bro-in-law who might be my favorite person today! Although we had planned to move most of our big stuff tomorrow, it is supposed to rain, and since he had today off he decided to help out! He almost singlehandedly moved all of our big stuff. So nice! My mom and dad helped too. I feel beyond blessed to have family nearby who is always willing to help each other out! 

Next weekend we are hosting our annual Kentucky Derby party which means I have a week to get things in good shape! 
Overwhelming, yes. Possible, yes! 

Here we some pics as things look now: 

Yup, we have a lot if work to do!
Hopefully I can show you some pretty "afters" soon! 

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