Monday, February 10, 2014

House Hunting Tips

You may remember from my BB (before baby) List, that Eliot I want to purchase a house.

We haven't... yet. But are on our way to meeting this goal!

It is super exciting and also at times super scary...

Here are some tips I have so far for anyone going through or starting the process themselves:

1. Check out your credit scores on and take look at your credit reports. Yes, it costs money and yes, it could be scary but you need to know this information. EVERYTHING depends on it! There could be errors that need fixing or you may be surprised to find out what your credit history really looks like.... everyone was 18 at one point! Also, never, ever, ever be late for any bill payments!

2. Find a buyer's agent who you trust AND like. We met our agent at an open house we went to a few months ago. She was/is relatively new in the real estate world but that is one of the reasons we like her. We trust that she genuinely wants to help us find the perfect house for us. She is very attentive and not pushy.We email/talk to her so much each week that she is almost like a temporary extra family member, and thus it is helpful if the person you choose is likeable!

3. Make a list of your must-haves, maybes, and non-negotiables. This will give you a way to 'grade' houses so to speak and figure out what you are willing to give up, or may be not give up, with every house you look at. For example, maybe you want a big open space to entertain and are willing to give in a little on location to get that. Or something along those lines. I am so happy that E and I talked about some of these things before the process to make sure we were on the same page.

4. Look for first-time homebuyers programs in your area! This could save you A LOT of money and make it easier than you originally thought to buy a house! 

5. Don't get emotionally attached.  This one is super hard for me, but you have to try not to get attached to houses that you see. Maybe they do seem soooo perfect, but then they get sold before you get a chance to put an offer in. That's life! You have to deal with it and move on! There will be more! 

Happy House hunting, y'all!
 Do you have any tips for me?? 

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  1. Among all of your tips, "the list" has to be the most important. This is what your agent will base upon, so having clear and concrete things listed here surely helps in getting the dream home for you guys. Good luck!
    Marjorie Mckay @