Thursday, February 6, 2014


You may remember that this summer, while in the midst of finishing school and my internships, I created a BB (aka Before Baby) List or in other words, the goals I had for myself and E prior to adding a babe to our little fam.

Since I wrote it almost 6 months ago I thought it would be a good idea to revisit and see how I am doing!
I give you... The Before Baby List {UPDATE}
*finish my internships: When I wrote this goal I was finished with my first clinical and was about to begin my second 8 weeks in a new setting! At the time it seemed daunting but the time flew! They were both great experiences and I learned SO much!!

*find a new job! I started a new job about 3 weeks ago and also went back to my old job to fill in here and there! I can't say I am in my *dream job* yet, but it pays the bills, so it works for now!

*lose 15-20 lbs! Ugh, fail! I have lost about 5 but still need to work on this one!!

*get a new camera/learn how to take good pics/edit them! Nope! I have started a *photography* pinterest board but that is as far as I've gotten with this goal!

*buy a house! I italicized this one because while we haven't found a house to buy yet we have put ourselves in the right position to buy one.... so when one we like comes on the market we will be good to go. Sighhh, the effects of living in a super populated area of the country!!

*take a pre-baby trip abroad! Nothing planned yet!

*SLEEP Alright.. I was joking about this one but I do try to cherish the days of doing what I want, when I want because I know that will soon no longer be a reality!

Well..... I think I'm doing pretty well!!

Is there any goals you have before adding to your family?

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