Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas/New Years/Blizzards!

Even though today it already January 6th is feels like the holidays are just ending! Between Christmas, New Years, a blizzard, and Eliot's company's after Christmas party last night it seems like things are just winding down!

We spent Christmas Eve at my uncle's house for his annual Christmas eve/birthday party! On Christmas day we went to my parent's house for Christmas morning and opened presents and had a fried dough breakfast! In the afternoon we headed up to New Hampshire for lunch at Eliot's uncle's house. Then headed back to my parent's house to have dinner/a yankee swap with my extended fam! It was busy but so fun! I think I was having too much fun to get too many pics, though!

Santa came!


Luckily my family's Chrismas party is also a pajama party so it is casual and cozy!
My bro and his fam!

 My sister, niece, and I always get matching PJ's!

My cousin Paigie knows how to take selfies. She's two!

Our New Year's Eve was fun! We spent it with friends around Boston and I took zero pics! Oops!!

Clearly New Year's Eve knocked out Eliot and Juno!

My Grampy passed away 8 years ago on New Year's Day.... I still miss him and I know he would be so proud of my cousins and me. My whole family gets together to commemorate his life on New Year's Day and throws flowers into the ocean in the neighborhood he spent his entire life. We are a crazy bunch but I love my family so much and he started it all!!

it was very, very cold!!

The day after New Year's Day we got a blizzard! We woke up to about a foot of snow! My cousin Kristie (aka Paige's mom) called me up and we decided to take Paige out for a walk/ride in her new sled! She LOVED it!!

Phew! Life has been busy but so, so fun!!

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