Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Past!

One thing I love about Christmas (besides everything) is the cards! I have always, and still, love getting fun mail! Christmas cards in my mailbox make me so happy! Since I like getting Christmas cards so much, I also love sending them!

I decided it would be fun to look at some of our Christmas cards from years past. It is so fun to look back at old pictures and I am sure it will be even more fun to see how our family changes in the future! Another blogger recently gave me the idea to write this post and in her post mentioned that she frames her Christmas cards from previous years! I love that idea and think I will do that myself!

So here we go:
In this pic my sister had recently bought a house and we thought it would be fun to take a pic in front of her fireplace! We also like to torture our dog! I don't love this picture but I love how the fireplace looks in the back!

Again with the torture! Poor Juno! 

I really love this card! I love the classic Christmas colors. My sister-in-law took the picture of us in the summer right after we had spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica so we have some nice tans! :)

I couldn't find a picture from 2011 so maybe we didn't send out a picture card! I think we were in the midst of wedding planning and had recently sent out our save the date magnets so we didn't want people to have to look at too many pictures of us! Hah!

This is my FAVORITE Christmas card to date! It was our first MARRIED Christmas and I was so excited to use one of our wedding photos for our card! Also, I designed them myself on picmonkey so I was pretty proud of myself! 

I haven't figured out what we are going to do for our cards this year... but I better figure it out soon!
I'll share when I do! 

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  1. I love this! I don't frame ours, but I have a Christmas album that I put the kids Santa pictures and our Christmas cards in. It is fun to go back and look at them every year:)