Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The blahs

I gotta keep it real around here.

Lately, I am getting all kinds of stressed. Searching for a new job and currently being unemployed is not helping.

See, the problem is, I have always been a planner. Deadlines are kinda my thing. Crazy, I know, but its what keeps me motivated. I like to know when I plan to make changes or when things are gonna happen. I even plan about planning, its ridiculous. In everyday life I am pretty laid-back but internally I have to admit I'm a little high-strung.

But while I work best being under deadlines and having my plan in motion, it also makes me stressed. The problem is that there are a lot of BIG things I want in my life right now... a new house, a baby, a new career. And that is a lot happening all at once. A lot of really big things actually.

And I feel like the longer it takes me to find a job, the more I feel like my timeline is going to get pushed back... even if it doesn't matter. The things are gonna happen when they happen.

I literally just finished school a month ago. I have to calm down. I know these things will happen. I just have to stop wanting them to have happened yesterday.

My yoga teacher says when you feel negative thoughts coming in you should say to yourself:

"Just breathe. Just be."

Maybe that's what I need to do.

Everyday isn't all puppy dogs and rainbows. I just had to get that off my chest.

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  1. Sometimes you just have to throw those timelines out the window. Trust me! I've been there! You'll get everything you want at the right time.

  2. Being without a job for a while is super stressful! But when it happens you'll have a great job that will work out perfectly!

    I was all about deadlines til Dillon and I go serious. Mr. Spontaneous doesn't want to hear that I need my first baby by 28. Ha.