Monday, November 4, 2013

{Miscellany Monday} Honeymoon, Tossa de Mar, Day 8

{Miscellany Monday with Carissa}
{Need to finish recapping my honeymoon since it was over a year ago... terrible that I am just getting to blog about it!!}
{sorry for the picture overload!}

On the 8th day of our honeymoon we hit the beach! Our honeymoon was in August, in Spain, so it was HOT!

The beaches were beautiful and the pitchers of Sangria were plentiful so we had no problem cooling down!

Tossa de Mar had a bunch of little beaches in coves that we thought were so pretty! The one we headed to was small but so beautiful.

And you could look up and see the castle! The beaches around here sure don't allow for that!

Beach selfies are difficult ..... haha

This little crab found his way to my towel! 

We enjoyed some snorkeling.... 

 and just soaked up the sun! 

"Bocadillos" where abundant in Spain for breakfast and lunch, but we only ate them for lunch! 

 When we got too hot at the beach we did a little shopping!

This was the one bigger beach in town! 

Later in the afternoon when it began to get cooler we hiked up into the castle area.... and I took way too many pics, enjoy! :) 

This is the beach we were at earlier in the day from above! 

Then we stopped for some pre-dinner drinks!

You may remember this little dude that we bought from the little kids in Sitges! He decided to make an appearance out of my purse!

We always thought it was funny when we came across places that were named after English words and sounded funny... like this grocery store! 

Serious face.... haha! We decided to go out for Italian for dinner and sat outside! 

More sangria, of course!

Even though we were in Spain and eating Italian food this meal was literally my favorite of the entire trip! It was SOOOO good.

Empty! :)

Outside of the Italian restaurant! 

 We ended the night at late night karaoke in the bar at our hotel. Eliot got some liquid courage and decided to sing.... or it could have been that no one understood him anyway! :)

 Have you ever seen a popcorn machine? I have not!

Stay tuned for the last night/day of our honeymoon when we head back to Barcelona.... and catch up on the rest of the trip!

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