Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

Five on Friday

{one} Time is flying lately. I have been studying for my big test (ugh) and working at my old job a few days a week.... which isn't really that much and the time is still going by SO fast. Which also means time is creeping towards test day. I am somewhere between wanting the time to slow down so I have more time to study and wanting it to speed up so I can be done with it!

{two} Is anyone else getting excited about Christmas?? I know, I know... we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. But I have to admit I got my first gingerbread latte and have played Christmas music in my car on more than one occasion this past week!

{three} Speaking of Christmas... I am also getting excited for Christmas tv specials!

{december 5th. so excited}

{december 10th. love the VS Fashion Show... depressing as it is! haha}

{four} Does anyone have a cricut or silhouette machine? I think I need one in my life but I am trying to decide which would be better for me. Let me know because it is going on my Christmas list pronto!

{five} Black Friday ads are trickling out! Exciting, I love deals! But have you heard about stores planning to open up for Thanksgiving night now?? I think that is RIDICULOUS! Luckily it is illegal in Massachusetts for stores to open, but I feel bad for anyone who has to work.... can't people just have ONE day with their families? I am all for Black Friday, don't get me wrong, but I think it is sufficient to start it at midnight, that's bad enough! Jeesh!

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  1. I can't believe the stores are opening on thanksgiving. I mean midnight sure whatever but 6pm?!?

  2. I agree midnight on black friday seems early enough to me. I have cousins who work for wal-mart and have had to put off the Thanksgiving meal.