Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A lil DIY

HGTV magazine is my favorite. Even though we don't have our own house yet whenever I find the magazine in my mailbox it is not long before it is all ripped apart and put in my "house design" binder {nerd alert}.

There is just SO many good ideas for everything home related and tons of DIY projects.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a little DIY of my own.

I went to my local second hand store and found this beauty of a chair for a whopping $5.

I started out by ripping out the seat area. I sanded it down, spray painted, got a new piece of wood for the seat, went to Jo-Ann's to pick out some fabric, and put it back together.

It was a quick project. Here is the after.

What'dya think?


  1. Omg this chair makeover is Fabulous! Awesome job lady!

  2. It looks wonderful. We have a set of those chairs and I used one for my vanity chair growing up.