Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Honeymoon, Tossa de Mar, Day 7

 On day 7 of our honeymoon we left Sitges to head to a town that is north of Barcelona called Tossa de Mar. It was (surprise, surprise) another beach town! It was also really pretty and I loved our time there. The beach had a castle on the edge which gave it a medieval feel. 

 We arrived in the early afternoon and were starving! We checked into our hotel and immediately headed back out to find some food. We found some pizza that definitely hit the spot! 


After lunch we headed out to check out the beach. Unlike Sitges, the beaches in Tossa de Mar were all in little coves. They were really pretty! 

The castle was really cool!

 Our hotel in Tossa was more "resorty" than others. It took us a while to figure out that they were playing organized pool games and it wasn't just one giant family who happened to bring polo material on vacation! Haha

 The restaurant in this picture doesn't look like much but it was one of our ABSOLUTE favorite meals in Spain... and it was Italian! Haha, more on that later!

 Red Sox represent! Woo! 

We spent much of the first day walking around and checking out the area... so I'll let the pictures do the talking for a bit!

 Pretty, right??
One of my favorite things in Tossa was the bars that were RIGHT on the beach. 

Which meant pitchers of sangria right on the beach! Couldn't be more perfect!



Although you couldn't go IN the castle you could walk around the little road leading up to it and there was some restaurants so we decided to eat there on our first night there. 

 Tossa de Mar was a big tourist town so almost every restaurant had menus in about 8 different languages! It was really crazy! 

 We really wanted to go to this pirate bar, but we needed to eat dinner first! 

We found a place and got to eat outside again! 

 We had the paella and it was delicious here!! 

 Then we head to the pirate bar!

 Whenever we go on vacation we tend to meet friends and this trip was no exception! This couple we met had just moved to Barcelona from Italy and were in Tossa for the weekend! We had fun talking and drinking! 

 So out first day in Tossa was spent doing a lot of drinking and eating! But what's a honeymoon for right?!?

 The final couple of days coming soon

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