Monday, March 4, 2013

Honeymoon, Sitges, Day 6

Back to the honeymoon recaps. I may finish these sometime soon, yanno, seeing as my honeymoon was six months ago....

On day 6 we wanted to check out more of Sitges. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I loved this town. So so so pretty!

We started the day by going to this little bakery and getting some pastry and cafe.... yum yum. 

 We also got some fresh squeezed orange juice... isn't this machine cool?? 


 These paddle boat rentals were really cool too, but we didn't rent one! :(

There is a really long promenade along the water so we walked and walked along the stretches of beach! 

 Kansas?? Haha

 As I said before, I loved all of the white buildings with blue details. I couldn't stop taking pictures! 

Our hotel was sort of on the side of a cliff and right out the window we could see the rocks of the cliff with nets to hold it all in. Interesting...

 In the afternoon we obviously spent some time at the beach! 

And then some time in the pool..... 

 During the early evening we had some wine before dinner.... 

I saw this boy and his dad from out balcony and loved the little boy's outfit! Haha

 At around 9 pm we headed out for some drinks and dinner. 

 We decided on a Mexican restaurant (to switch it up) that was right on the main promenade. We sat outside and it was perfect! 

A fire dancer showed up next to our table! 

 Of course after dinner around 11:30 (so crazy!) we came across these little kiddos having a "yard sale" selling some little toys in front of their dad's restaurant! 

We bought a little something! You'll see him soon!

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 The next day we said, "adios, Sitges!" and moving on to Tossa de Mar!

more soon! 


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  2. The paddle boat with a slide is so weird but I bet lots of fun.

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