Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The ABC's of Me!

age - 29... eek. i hit the big 3-0 in May, which is crazy to me. I decided I am going to have a Kentucky Derby 30th birthday though, so that'll be fun!! 

bed size - queen, but I SO WISH I had a KING

chore you hate - grocery shopping and cleaning bathrooms.... I can't decide. 

dogs - just one, a sato named Juno!

essential start to your day - ICED COFFEE!!!!! :)

favorite color -  i gotta go with pink! 

gold or silver - I am usually a big silver girl.... but gold is making it's way back to me! 

height - 5 feet 3 inches... I'm not tall :(

instruments you play - I can play one song on the piano "a whole new world"

job title -Student at the moment... so weird. 

kids - no kiddos yet! I asked Eliot if he wanted to make a blizzard baby this weekend but he didn't oblige. haha. 

live - Massachusetts, baby!

married - since August 11, 2012! Loving it too!

nicknames - stace, stace ma lace, sometimes ricky retardo, haha

overnight hospital stays - just when I was like 5 and overdosed myself on tylenol. whoops. 

pet peeve - rude and inconsiderate people! 

righty or lefty - lefty! 

siblings - one bro and one sis, both older than me!

time you wake up - it varies but usually 6:30.....ughhhh 

university attended - Univ of Massachusetts Amherst.... loved it!!! 

vegetables you dislike - califlower!!!! blech!!!!! 

what makes you run late - I am constantly running late so I really don't know. 

x-rays you’ve had - back, shoulder, chest 

yummy food - chocolate, pizza, enchiladas!!! :) 

zoo animal favorite - monkeys!! so cute!

So that's me in a nutshell! Play along and let me know!!

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