Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Honeymoon, Sitges, Day 5

On the fifth day of our honeymoon we hopped on a train and headed south to the town of Sitges. It was only about a 45 minute train ride and it was so worth the trip! It is a smaller town but it was pretty hip and I fell in love the minute I got there. E did too and we immediately decided we needed to change plans slightly and stay for two nights since we had only planned to stay for one!

We had a pretty sweet hotel room that had a living room, a kitchen area, and a separate bedroom. 

And this view from the balcony.... 

This is a picture of a small beach next door to the hotel. Come to find out it was a nude beach, so that was interesting... although not everyone was nude so that was comforting. E and I visited it but opted not to partake, haha. 

We also love the big huge pool. 

And I was a little obsessed with these slippers.... 

Sitges is a coastal town built on a hill. I was in LOVE with the little cafes, alleyways, white-washed stucco houses, the blue accents that we saw on everything, and the proximity to the ocean.... all that can be seen in these next few pictures!

Love this little RV 

The bottles of sangria were as cheap as ever! 

On our first night we thought it would be fun to make dinner in our hotel room and eat on our balcony. It was delish and fun.  

We also bought lots of wine to go with our dinner, of course. 

At around 11:00 we decided to head out into the town for some drinks and maybe some tapas. Obviously, despite that it was nearing midnight the park was still full of action. *so strange*

We found a bar... 

And some tapas, since they were on every corner, haha. 
In this particular place they gave you a plate and you could choose whatever tapas you wanted. When you were ready to leave for the night they just counted the toothpicks on your plate to see how much you had to pay. 

These goat cheese and fig tapas were my FAVORITE!! 

We definitely had a great time for our first night out in Sitges! 

stay tuned for our 2nd day in Sitges! 
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  1. The food looks so delicious! I loved eating tapas in Spain, too. I'm also impressed that you all cooked for yourselves--sounds like it was so much fun! :)

  2. That pool looks amazing and so does the whole trip!

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