Saturday, January 12, 2013


I started off 2013 like this. 

I did a snow belly flop while skiing on New Year's Day. It was only my third run of the day, so that wasn't fun. I was flipping out because I could barely move my arm at all after it happened. I couldn't lift it more than like 20 degrees. The first aid people thought I tore my rotator cuff. When I came home and saw my doctor he thought it was just a sprain.... luckily he was right and it started to feel better and I regained motion later in the week! Thank goodness! It is still sore but not nearly as bad as it was! 

But anyway, I am on the mend and back in action. Instead of resolutions, I prefer to make monthly goals. It helps keep me accountable and from forgetting about them too quickly! If I had yearly goals they would be about 1) Losing weight, exercising, and getting healthier, 2) SAVING MONEY!!, 3) Paying off debt!, and 4) Learning and reading throughout the year... 

So here are my January Monthly Goals:

Run 20 miles before the end of the month: Exercise makes me feel good. I want to get in better shape and running will help me reach my goals!! 

Save Money: I have a goal in mind of money I would like to save each month. It is really tough to save right now since I am in school and not working. E is bringing in the dough which is good, but I want us to make more, haha. Any suggestions of how I could work from home and bring in a little money?? 

Blog more: I miss blogging! I want to recap the wedding and finish recapping the honeymoon. So look for that coming up this month!

I think since we are already halfway through the month, three goals is good for now! 
Wish me luck! 

What are your goals for the year?? 


  1. I like your goals! I've been going back and forth on setting goals this year since there's so many big changes happening--but it definitely does make me feel more motivated! Glad it was just a sprain! :)

  2. I like your goals. And I am glad you are healing.

  3. You should talk to me about the Juice Plus business. The products are great and the business really works! Its jot another pyramid scheme.