Friday, November 16, 2012

Spain Honeymoon, Barcelona, Day 4, Part 2

After spending the day sightseeing and beach bummin', we decided to head out that night and go to an area called Montjuic, which is a hill neighborhood that looks over the water and houses a fortress, the 1992 Olympic stadium, and a magic fountain that has a music/light/water show in the summer months. 

We heard you could take a gondola type thing up to the top. We tried to walk to where it looked like you could enter and failed. Next we tried to get a taxi to take us there but our limited Spanish didn't get our point across. We ended up just taking a taxi up to the top! Oh well!

We started out at the fortress at the top! Once again, the views were gorgeous and you could see everything!

I found a ginormous slide! 

On the way down Montjuic we found the Olympic stadium, but we went back to it later in the week so I will save the pictures for then. 

We got down back to the bottom in time to see the magic fountain show!

It is a bit hard to see in the picture but it attracted a huge crowd... 

Everywhere we went in Spain there were men selling cans of soda and/or beer. It was both helpful and disconcerting, but it was usually welcomed because it was so hot! 

After the show we got a taxi and asked him to bring us to a Italian restaurant. This time the cabbie DID understand our Spanish and we had some really good pizza!

the next day we left Barcelona and headed off to Sitges, stayed tuned... 

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