Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spain Honeymoon, Barcelona Day 4, Part 1

On day 4 we set off for some sight seeing.

We started out day for by going to "La Boqueria" market.

The candy displays were unbelievable. Sorry for the over load of pictures but I was kinda obsessed. Can you believe that is all edible??? I definitely got a bag or two (candy addict much??)

I loved the tennis balls and the dentures! 

Silver and gold decorative candy.... is it just me or do those look so pretty but not edible?? They are though! 

'The fresh juices were SO delish as well.... we had about 5.

On the way out we saw a Dunkin' Donuts, we can't escape it! Even in Spain!

Our next stop was Sagrade Familia. We got there around 10 AM and it was SO freakin' HOT out. The line seemed to be about two miles long and the heat made it even worse. We decided we were content just seeing the outside of it and decided we'd rather relax on the beach. It was pretty marvelous though, even just the outside! 

We then headed on our way to Parc Guell. This park has really pretty gardens and architecture. 

It is high up on a hill in the city and I felt like I was in San Francisco on the way up! 

It looks over the entire city and the views are gorgeous!

The park was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi who is known for mosaic work.

My pictures of the lizard kept getting photo bombed!! Random lady....

So I decided to try for a close up!

After spending some time as the park we hit up the beach once again!

We went back to the hotel in the late afternoon to relax before heading out for dinner and the night.
Eliot took a nap,
and I did this with my candy.....

ay ay ay....

stay tuned for day 4, part 2


  1. What gorgeous pictures! It looks like y'all had an amazing time, despite the ridiculous heat haha!

  2. I'm totally jealous that you got to see the cathedral!! That candy looks awesome!