Monday, November 12, 2012

Spain Honeymoon- Barcelona, Day 3

On Day 3, we accidentally woke up REALLY late! I think we needed it though, between the whole week of activity we had had with wedding events and the jetlag we were exhausted! 

After we woke up we headed off in search of some breakfast. We quickly learned that breakfast for the Spainairds was either pastries or ham sandwiches aka "bocadillos" as they are called in Spain! :)

We went down to the beach for a few hours because it was HOT! Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera ON this specific beach because I was worried about theft on the city beaches and if my precious camera got stolen it would have ruined my trip!

On the way back to the hotel we bought some olives and a bottle of sangria to enjoy by the pool. This bottle of sangria cost 1.60 euro, which was about $2.10! Not too bad at all! :)

After the pool we decided to head down to the Olympic Port for dinner! It was so cool to see where the athletes stayed for the 1992 Olympics and all that the city built for it!

Totally wish we went on this... it was a bar bicycle! Everyone helps peddle it and you can order drinks! So cool!

We came across some candy and food stalls and everything looked SO yummy! Of course I had to get something!

This made us laugh! It was about 9:30 at night but these "muscle beach" guys were workin' it!

An Olympic man and me... I look just as strong, right??

How cute is this little girl watching a street performer. Love the 'tude!

Dinner is rarely before 11 pm and that was pretty hard to get used to. A restaurant would be TOTALLY empty at 7 pm and then so busy at 11... weird. This pic was probably taken around 11:30 pm!

"Pan tomate" is a bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil that is served a lot as an appetizer. It was goooood!

We ordered a pitcher of sangria, of course.

After dinner the waiters brought us over some liqueurs  There was pear and apple. The pear was DISGUSTING. I liked the apple though!

After dinner we decided to head to the casino for a bit! I won $40 and I am not even sure how, woo hoo!

After that we turned in for the night because it was 2 or 3 AM and we knew the next day would be busy!

stay tuned for day 4....
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