Saturday, August 4, 2012

One week, people!!

This summer is going by SO. FAST. I can not BELIEVE that I am getting married in ONE WEEK!!! Time really does fly.

I am soooo excited and most things are done. phew.

My intentions were to keep up the blog this summer but I literally had no time.
Work, wedding, homework, repeat. That is how my time went!

E is at his bachelor party tonight and honestly I am so happy to stay home by myself and do nothing but watch tv and have a glass of wine.... my dvr is fulllll.

I am hoping to be able to get some posts up from this week and of course I will have full recaps after the wedding!!

Does anyone want to guest post for me while I am on my honeymoon?? You can talk about anything you want! Get in touch with me at dixiebelldesigns@gmail.comif you are interested!

Okay... back to Teen Mom... talk to ya soon!

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