Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

{link up with jamie!}

1. Umm number 1, clearly, is today is the last full day of school. Tomorrow is a half-day and field day so I am not sure that even counts as a day.... tomorrow will basically be spent laughing at the 5th graders as they try to traverse the pond. Quite a sight I tell ya... But anyway, when did this happen? How are we already at the last day of school? This year absolutely flew by! It is also bittersweet since I won't be returning in the Fall.

2. 60 days to the wedding!! Can't believe that either. I still have  A LOT to do, but last night I wrote out my 'to-do' list and even though it fills out the entire front and back of a notebook page it feels nice that it is all written down! :)

3. Presents from my kiddos at school. One of my third graders just gave me this. I've said it before.... but they know the way to my heart: chocolate and office supplies! ;)

4. Speaking of presents... I got my first shower present at my door last night! So exciting!  It was a pitcher... can't wait to fill it with margaritas all summer long! :)

5. My brother just moved home after living away for 22 years (he is 40 and left for the Navy at 18!) I love having him here and he is my new workout buddy, so that's fun!

6. I have 250 unread blogs on my google reader. That is awful for me. I hope to catch up soon... like you know, in two days when I am done with work for 10 weeks! YAY!!

what's new you you all??


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! So much fun!

  2. Chocolate and school supplies?! I'm not even an teacher but I don't know if I could think of anything better :)

  3. Just stopping by from WILW! You have a lot to be "loving" this week. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Aw it's nice that you like having your brother back!

  5. That sounds great that your brother is back! I can't believe your wedding is that close! I can remember you posting about just getting engaged! How exciting!