Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday/Wedding Wednesday... Wedding Shoes!

Since I have my first DRESS FITTING  (eeek! time is flying!) in a couple of weeks, I currently have wedding shoes on my mind! 

I know I want something with a peep toe and that has a heel but not TOO high because the future hubby is only about 6 or so inches taller than me, and I am pretty sure my Dad is only about 4. 

I think I want something silver and/or sparkly because I love sparkle. Here are some options... 

opinions, please!

(consider them 1-6 going left to right)

There options are from DSW #1, #2, & #3

These are from Zappos #4, #5, & #6

And of course, I've already picked out my dancing shoes!

 Also, speaking of fittings, does anyone have any bra recommendations for a strapless, sweetheart neckline dress?? Thanks! 

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  1. I like #3 and #6. Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale started today so you should check there for a strapless bra.

  2. I really love the last pair you have! You can't go wrong with sparkly heels :)

    Thanks my dear for linking up today!


  3. Your dancing shoes are sensational! I think everyone should have a pair of those. Congratulations on the dress fitting! That should be so much fun. As for the shoes, while pretty looks good, I vote for trying on the pairs you love and going Cinderella-style for the perfect fit. You'll find them. :) Visiting from WILW.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. I think my vote is #3...but all of the shoe options are so pretty!! I actually ended up not wearing a bra with my wedding dress--it kind of had a built in one that i didn't notice when I tried it on the first time. Good luck on that search--I know there are a million uncomfortable ones!!

  5. I love those glitter Toms!!! I also love that first pair of glitter shoes on the left.