Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday, Friday!!

Oh hi, Friday. :)

Did this week go by ridiculously fast for anyone else? Not that I am complaining, but on Tuesday morning I woke up thinking it was Friday, which isn't the way to start a week, but regardless it came quickly anyway!

I have a busy weekend ahead and can't wait to get out of work!

Tonight I am heading for girl's night out with my mom, sis, and niece. My niece has a dance competition about an hour away from home tomorrow so we decided to book a hotel and make a night out of it.... tonight we are going to go out to dinner and then enjoy the pool and hottub. Yes, please.

Tomorrow we are going to watch the competition, then my mom and I are meeting up with my future MIL so they can go dress shopping together for the wedding, and then tomorrow night E and I are going to a Derby Party..... mmmm, mint juleps and derby pie! :)

 Thennnnn, on Sunday my cousin and I are having a joint birthday party because we share a birthday (which is actually on Wednesday). It's going to be my first 29th birthday! ;)

 Yikes. That is a lot. And I can't wait. Follow along on instagram, my name is staces2501

Sooo please 3:00, can you get here quick!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! We actually used those HB candles last month!