Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This week I am LOVING.... {link up with jamie!}

1. Having my niece here for the week! She is 16 and this is the first time she has visited all by herself! We are having a lot of fun.... we've gone shopping in Boston, gone bowling, had a slumber party, and tonight we are hosting Mexican night for cousins and aunts and uncles! I can't believe my niece is 16 and growing up so fast! She wears thongs.... I know that is TMI, but seriously, SCARY! She also got hit on by a 27 year old on the train... what a creeper. Luckily my my Mom aka Nana to Shelby shut him down by saying, "It is tiring to walk in Boston all day when you're 16!" Hahaha it was so funny and his reaction was priceless! Shelby was very excited that someone thought she was atleast 21.... yikes. She also thinks every guy she sees is HAWWWT, that is in her Michigan accent! ;)

She wanted me to take lots of pictures of her, so here is her Boston photo shoot.

2. My little niece is growing up so fast too, she is 11 and she acts so old when my 16 yr old niece is around. These girls need to stop growing up so fast!! Last night at the bowling alley she took no less than 50 pictures of herself with my phone... here is a small sample.

All so attractive..... 

3. I want to do a questions and answers post, GOT A QUESTION? I got answers! :)

4. Spring break is in 6 more days.

5. I just found out there is a Hobby Lobby about 1 hr from my house in New Hampshire... definitely going to take a trip up there while I am enjoying my staycation. I have never been to an HB, I am EXCITED!!!

6. Halfway through the workweek, y'all!!


  1. Great pictures! I feel the same way about my nephews, they're all growing up way too fast!

    What I'm Loving: Tomorrow is my Friday since we get a 3 day weekend for Easter! Yay!

  2. Here's a question: Where is one place that you've never travelled to and would love to visit?

  3. Oh goodness - they are too cute! I love the tongues :) Hope your weekend is going well!

  4. Oh goodness - they are too cute! I love the tongues :) Hope your weekend is going well!