Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This week I'm loving.... 
Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving.   
1. That I had a week off from work last week and it was LOVELY and RELAXING. I went to the beach, went on my first ever trip to Hobby Lobby (nowobsessed), and went to an amusement type place that had mini golf, bumper boats, and a really good ice cream stand!

A few pics of my week:                                         
fave place
 sis and niece on the bumper boats
this rooster was just hanging around

2. Putting new products up in my etsy shop..... want some cute summer accessories? I like the color combinations of these two!

 4. Trying to figure out wedding invitations, well kinda sorta loving it.....I love that we are getting that much closer to the wedding, but I am not loving picking out the invitations that much. I wrote about it yesterday and am looking for opinions here.

3. This pic of my cousin Paige... I love how it looks like she is posing!

 4. Iced coffees on warm days!! 

5. Snuggling with my puppy on the couch... 

6. And my new work computer, love it!! 

Ok, that's it.
What are you all loving this week????


  1. Heheh I love the random rooster just sitting there letting you take its photo! :)

  2. Who doesn't love the beach! I'm jealous, I want to go! I still love that first set of invitations. LOVE!